Tour Membership has been set at £100 for the 2021 season

Non members may enter events with a additional fee of £25 for each round in the tournament.

Please note that the Tour Championship at the end of the year will be open to those that have played 3 events as a member and finish in the top 36 of the OOM. 

Payment should be made to the bank account detailed below.

HSBC  Acc .No. 51156551

Sort code 40-44-19

Name of account – Robert Burns Hunter

Please use your name as a reference.


The following have joined the Masters Pro Golf Tour for the

2021 season

John Waters
Tamsin Loke
Nigel Fremantle
Rob Hunter
Ian Roper
Mark Spooner
Charles Haynes
Mike Best
Mike Gallagher
Michael Watson
Calum Wilson
Richard Silman
Kenny Hutton
Peter Scott
Paul Streeter
Shaun Ball
David Brunton
Marshall Newmann
Nigel Sweet
Richard Gilling
Tony Lawrence
Stuart Hill
Steve Jensen
Stewart McGregor
Rob Coles
Paul Thornley
Mike Lord
Andy Raitt
Gary Wolstenholme
Richard Tinworth
Paul Rodgers
Colin Ferguson
James Murphy
Duncan McNaughton
Mark Wharton
Allan Jarrett
Ralph Levett
Simon McGreal
Kumar Kami
Paul Gilbert
Tony Stevens
Andrew Sherborne
Andrew George
Mark Ashworth
Gary Marks
Gary G Brown
Mark Rolfe
David Copsey
Bob Cameron
Matt Briggs
Jeremy Harold
Sion Bebb
Simon Griffiths
Andrew Oldcorn
Craig Corrigan
Craig Ronald
Phil Archer
Doug Young
Terry Bunyan
Gary S Brown
Stuart Reynolds
Graham Beynon
Nick Mitchell
Jon Cheetham
Trevor Ball
Anthony Mocklow
Tim Maxwell
Clayton Blackmore
Jonathan Lomas
Simon Brown
Paul Dwyer
Peter Baker
Mark Mouland
David Ray
Andrew Marshall
Neil Rowlands
Matt McGuire
Iain Pyman